Conversion Mössbauer Spectrometer

Sample surface investigation

General information


  • Conversion geometry, the gamma radiation is impacting the sample, causing electrons emission, the detector is counting electrons and collecting emission spectrum.
  • The sample is placed inside of the detection chambre
  • Complete system can be operated remotely (requires internet connection for control PC), excluding gas flow (manual control)
  • Requires cylinder with counting gas (consumable)

Sample types

  • Thick bulk samples (up to 2 mm)
  • Thin layers (from 50 nm)
  • Sample size limited to 10 mm diameter

Technical Specifications

Conversion Detector

  • Gas flow detector (requires cylinder with counting gas: 90%He + 10% CH4)
  • Maximum sample size ø10 mm x 2 mm height (sample is put inside of the detector chamber)
  • Transparent for 14.4 keV photons (windows on both sides of detector)
  • Multi-wire anode (golden plated tungsten wire)
  • High Voltage supply built-in (electronically adjustable)
  • Pre-amplifier & amplifier built-in (electronically adjustable)
  • Single channel analyser built-in (electronically adjustable)
  • Spectrum registration built-in (1024 channels per unfolded spectrum)
  • Standard USB interface
  • PC control application
  • Power requirements: +12V/500mA, +24V/100mA, -12V/20mA, -24V/50mA

Velocity Drive

  • Neodymium magnets based electrodynamic linear motor
  • Drive coil & sensor coil
  • Fast analogue PID velocity controller built-in
  • Velocity generator built-in (up to 50 mm/s)
  • M4 mounting screw for source
  • Internal lead shielding
  • Nickel plated brass aperture collimator (hole diameters: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 14mm)
  • Standard USB interface
  • PC control application
  • Power requirements: +5V/250mA, +15V/100mA, -5V/20mA, -15V/100m

Gas flow control

  • Gas flow control unit includint tubing, on/off valve and needle valve
  • Cylinder with counting gas and pressure adjustable main valve not included

Power supply

  • Standard commerical laboratory power supply
  • Typically 4-channel GW Intek GPE-4323 (110V/240V)
  • Supply voltages 1: +5V, +15V, -5V, -15V
  • Supply voltages 1: +12V, +24V, -12V, -24V

Experimental setup

  • Standard optical rail and carriages (customized holders and mount on request)

Calibration set

  • Alpha Iron foil
  • Dual-channel oscilloscope (USB)

Control PC

  • All-in-one Personal Computer with keyboard and mouse
    (23.8″ Full HD, 8GB RAM, 256 SSD, multi-core processor)
  • Windows 11 operating system
  • Remote access
  • Interface for controlling the spectrometer (Spectrometer is independent on PC)

General notes

  • Turn-key solution, all necessary parts and tools included
  • All standard safety standards met
  • Internal lead shielding
  • Working with both 110V and 240V power grid
  • Most of the parameters are customizable
  • A radioactive source is necessary for Mössbauer Spectrometer operation (a delivery of the source is possible on customer’s request)

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