Non-destructive analysis of chemical and physical characteristics of iron and iron-containing materials:

  • Valence state
  • Crystal structure, phasis
  • Oxidation state
  • Magnetic characteristics

Study of new iron-based materials (eventually Tin-, Europium-based)

  • Analysis of iron-based nanomaterials (powder, thin layer, dispersion, …)
  • Analysis of sample surface (up to 100 nm, study of surface phenomena)
  • Analysis of bulk materials
  • Analysis of samples in a wide range of temperatures (5K – 1300K)
  • Analysis of samples in external magnetic field (up to 7T)


Steel type inspection / Steel quality assesment / weld quality inspection

State of steel under surface treatment (corrosion under paint, enamel, etc.)

Quality control of materials for powder metallurgy and 3D steel printing

Steel structure inspection, Austenite/Martenzite content measurement


Quality control of iron-containing pharmaceutical product (anaemia pharmaceuticals, Iron Sucrose, etc.).

Analysis of biological samples, diagnostics

Ferrite materials analysis

Thin layers analysis

Analysis of iron-containing minerals

Analysis of archeological samples

Iron-containing pigments presence and analysis

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